Preparing to Move this Spring?

Spring is an ideal time to find your dream home! With warmer weather on its way, there’s no better time to start planning and preparing for a big move. Whether you’re buying your first home or downsizing for retirement, renting a storage unit is an ideal solution for every scenario. Whether it’s a short term transition or a long term solution to declutter your new space, at Kent County Self Storage we have the perfect space to help! However, before haphazardly tossing your belongings into a storage unit, tenants should know the best ways to prepare and pack items for storage. Below we offer suggestions to make packing, moving and living a little easier.

  1. Have a Plan! Decide ahead of time if this will be a storage unit used long term or if you plan to utilize it only during your transition. If your goal is to keep the storage unit long term, be sure to only pack items you won’t need daily. If there are items that you need seasonally, plan to place those items in a location within your storage unit that will allow for easy access. 
  2. Packing! This is the most critical step and must be done correctly to avoid damage to your belongings. We strongly recommend plastic storage tubs for packing, these air tight containers will protect against moisture and pests. We encourage you to wash, launder or vacuum each item before carefully wrapping it or folding it for storage. Nothing is worse than purchasing a new home and bringing dirty items inside! Remember the better job you do packing, the less containers you’ll need and the smaller storage unit you’ll be able to rent. 
  3. Labeling! The best way to know what is inside a box, is to write it on the outside. Use specific keywords such as: mixer, guest bedroom towels, silverware versus kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. Number your boxes and stack in numerical order. Keep a list of what is in each number box with you for easy locating. If you’re using plastic storage tubs, utilize masking tape for labels to easily be able to re-label should the contents change in the future. 
  4. Choose the right Storage Facility! When looking for a storage facility, we recommend looking for a facility in a safe area, with great lighting, security and ease of access. Kent County Self Storage checks all those boxes! It’s also important to know restrictions for the facility including what can and cannot be stored. Lastly, be sure you know how to contact the facility should you have questions or concerns. Our staff would love to help, call us at (616)559-0011.
  5. Moving Day! On the day you move into your storage unit, be sure to place items in the storage unit in a neat and organized way. Take time to consider what storage tubs will need to be utilized on a regular basis and move those to the front. Be sure to cover larger items with plastic or moving blankets. Consider which items will be making contact with the concrete and insure those items will be safe. Be sure to put the heaviest boxes on the bottom and stack upwards using lighter boxes. Keep a path open to navigate through your unit, should you need to reach contents in the back. When finished be sure to secure your unit with the lock Kent County Self Storage has provided. Disc locks are virtually impossible to be tampered with. 
  6. Stay in Communication! Now that you have prepared your storage unit and moved in, be sure you’re receiving our email communication by adding to your address book and get familiar with your online account at This will ensure a positive experience and a smooth transition should you have questions or concerns in the future. 

Now that you’ve cleaned, packed and stored your belongings, sit back and enjoy your new home!

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